Celebrating 40 Years In Business   |   Family Owned and Operated   |   5413 Salem Road, Covington, GA 30016 USA   |   Phone 770-786-3569

About Jeffries Machine Co.

Jeffries Machine Co. (JMC) was founded in 1973 by the late William D. Jeffries, and is pleased to be celebrating its 40th year in business. We owe our success to our valued customers, without whom our success and longevity would not have been possible.


JMC has evolved and changed over the years, but has maintained its ultimate goal of satisfying our many customers with quality products and components at an affordable price and delivered on time. Our customers are very diverse, ranging from local industry support in the United States, as well as Canada, South America and Asia.


We listen closely to our customers, and respond to their challenges and suggestions. As our industry changes, we have moved vigorously to provide greater technological expertise by maintaining and adhering to tighter specifications. JMC enjoys the challenge of taking responsibility of furnishing a quality product to our customers.


In addition to our machining services, we offer a complete inspection department which includes statistical process control. This not only assures adherence to customer specifications and requirements, but also eliminates in-house rejects, thereby reducing costs. We understand that items produced by JMC must not only be structurally sound and dimensionally accurate, but should also exhibit superior surface finishes when applicable.


You are warmly invited to visit our premises to fully appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into the products we manufacture. We’ll give you a tour and you can meet the people behind Jeffries Machine Co., from the owners and managers to the shop floor. Jeffries Machine Co. looks forward to being of service to you.